About Durgin Pines

Our Mission is to help improve the health of the community one person at a time.

Durgin Pines is the crown jewel of the collective effort and creativity of Bill Gillis and Joe Hogan, having had over 59 years of combined experience in the long term care and rehabilitation fields. Bill and Joe’s philosophy, born through decades of experience, is to insure the security, comfort, well-being and independence of their residents and to take care of their staff.

Bill Gillis

Bill Gillis was in in the health care business for over 35 years before his retirement and sadly passed away in January 2017. His first project, in Auburn, Maine, Clover Manor was the first state-of-the-art geriatric facility to be built in Maine, and one of the first in New England. Today, Clover Manor, Gorham House, Sentry Hill and Durgin Pines stand as examples for other providers, and enjoy a sterling reputation as some of the region’s finest providers of health care services for seniors.

Joe Hogan

Joe Hogan joined with Bill Gillis and Ward Hand and in 1989 to create Gorham House in Gorham, Maine. The three of them went on to create Sentry Hill in York, Maine. Bill and Joe later opened Durgin Pines and Joe remains the sole owner of Durgin Pines.